Sacrament of Baptism
Parents must be registered for at least 3 months and be practicing thier faith. Baptism classes are set at the convenience of the parents and rectory.


Sacrament of Confirmation
Readiness for this sacrament is normally the result of yearly
PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) attendance, including at least two years of focus on
Confirmation. Parents are expected to cooperate with our
program of instruction. Parents must be registered.
Please call the Rectory for details.


Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
This is for baptized Catholics who have arrived at the age of
reason, whether in serious risk of death because of disease or
because of the feebleness of old age.
The sacrament is best given when either condition becomes known.
Call the rectory.


Sacrament of Marriage
Couples should contact Fr. Stokes as soon as they are engaged, at
least 9 months before the date of teh marriage. 


Sacrament of Holy Orders
If you are a man who would like to be a deacon or a priest,
discuss your possible vocation with a priest.
Father can put you in contact with the Diocesan Vocations Director.
Many are called but few are chosen.